How Market Penetration Shapes Associations’ Success

When consulting with associations on how to increase members, I often make a statement, and ask a question: “You have XX members.  What percentage does this represent of the total market?”  In many cases, the answer is “I don’t know to be honest”, or that their membership represents less than half of the market share.[…]

The future is here. Is Your Association Ready? New Partnership Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce a new alliance!  Greenfield Services has partnered with Next Generation Company, co-owned by Membership and Millennials Expert, Sarah Sladek, and Change Management Expert, Laura Goodrich, to bring their latest venture, Millennials to Members to Canada! Proven Strategy for Creating Must-Have Membership Membership is flat or declining. Revenues are down and the[…]

How Engaged Are You With Your Community, Really?

Warning: This blog post is a rant about an association that just DOESN’T GET IT.  What lessons can be learned from their mistakes? A few weeks ago, we began receiving emails about a survey that an association is running.  This association clearly sent the invite to their entire database, as we ALL received their email[…]

Need Help Retaining Members? Here Are 5 Tips…

Concerned about your retention rates?  You’re not alone.  Professional & Trade Associations across all industries are showing growing concerns, whether their membership is currently rapidly declining, or whether they have noticed a slow trend, and want to turn the ship around while they can.  Here are a few tips to help you get started: Use[…]

How to Boost ROI on Member Recruitment Efforts

Your marketing and membership departments work very hard to create visually appealing pieces to recruit new members to your organization.  They typically contain a fantastic offer, or an appealing call to action that makes potential new recruits seriously consider joining your association.  But what if your list isn’t up to par?  At times, these offers[…]