Consulting & Projects

Projects and Consulting

Membership Marketing & Engagement

Marketing isn’t about pushing stuff at your audience. It’s about establishing credibility, creating value and earning trust so that your audience is attracted and wants to engage with your organization.

We will help you by:

  • Getting feedback through surveys or focus groups (see below!) so you really know what each of your audiences want
  • Assessing online assets (website, downloadable content, social media) to determine what is attractive & what isn’t for each audience
  • Developing a recruitment and retention strategy
  • Helping you execute

Ensure you get the answers you NEED, along with recommendations on how to approach your community the right way; contact Meagan for more info.

Event Marketing & Engaging Meeting Design

Events and conferences play a pivotal role in the membership experience. If attendance is declining, it might be a symptom of something deeper. It also could be that your message is missing the mark, or that your event needs more engaging content and delivery.

Our team will:

  • Help you determine your meeting’s objectives, review the current design & execution process, and suggest improvements to ensure that your delegates are delighted & engaged
  • Evaluate how you are marketing your events, assessing the different channels, messages, and design is suited to each of your audiences
  • Assist with the implementation with creative messaging and the right media mix to get results

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If you want to change the landscape of your event, contact Doreen for more info.

Sponsorship & Exhibit Sales

Let’s face it “Logo Soup” and metal levels don’t work anymore. Your sponsors and exhibitors want more: more attendees, better access, and quality interaction. Plus they are getting more requests for sponsorship than ever… so you need to stand out.

We’ll help you turn things around by:

  • Conducting a thorough assessment of the needs of your stakeholders through one-on-one conversations, or focus groups (see below!)
  • Reviewing your current sponsorship assets, analyzing how they align with stakeholder needs, and recommending areas for improvement
  • Creating a prospectus that invites creativity, excitement, and the opportunity for more profitable sponsor relationships
  • Working with your team to execute sales calls
  • Customizing the sponsor activation process for better participant engagement

Get started by contacting Meagan for more info.

Focus Groups: In-Person OR Virtual (or, BOTH!)

Knowledge is power. Before making strategic decisions, get to know the thoughts and opinions of the people the changes may affect.

Focus groups have been a widely respected way to get at the root of a problem and understand how people think. Bringing people together for in-person focus groups is especially effective if stakeholders are at an event together anyway.

Though if your stakeholders are spread out across time zones, focus groups still work very well virtually. Our virtual focus group process, done in a conference webinar format, still allows for a highly interactive discussion, while eliminating travel, hospitality costs and undue demands of your participants’ time. And the webinar format enables audio and videotaping if required.

Contact Doreen for more information on how focus groups can help you achieve your goals.