The 7 Purposes of a Meeting

As an association leader, what are your thoughts about the transformational role that meetings can have in advancing your organizational objectives? I say can have because meetings are often seen as anything but transformational.  For too many people “meetings” is synonymous with boring, time-consuming, soul-sucking gatherings.  For the media, meetings and conferences too often are[…]

What is your definition of ENGAGEMENT?

These days in the business press we hear a lot about engagement.  In its State of the American Workplace, Gallup reports that less than 30% of the US workforce is engaged in their job, with 17.5% being actively dis-engaged.  Meanwhile studies conducted by global management consulting firm Hay Group show that high levels of employee[…]

Increasing Sponsorship Through Engagement

Sponsorship is a hot topic area for many events professionals these days, especially when many organizations are closely scrutinizing ROI for the events they sponsor. As someone who has been involved in seeking sponsorship for my own events, as well as clients’ events, I’d like to propose another angle to look at sponsorship: and that[…]

Designing Multi-Sensory Events for Better Engagement

According to a recent study by CWT Meetings & Events and London & Partners (the destination marketing organization for the UK’s largest city), over three-quarters of event professionals surveyed said they could do a better job of delivering multi-sensory events. In this survey of over 600 business event organizers, which was released a few weeks[…]

10 Questions to Create Successful and Engaging Meetings

As More Boomers retire and Millennials now officially make up the biggest cohort in the workplace, there has been increasing pressure on meeting organizers to produce more interactive meetings. Gone are the days of didactic lectures in dark convention halls where people queued up at a standing microphone to ask questions IF there was enough[…]

Love is in the air… and The Engaging Associations Forum is coming!

It’s the week before Valentine’s and everyone is talking about love. But who talks about love in business?  Well, we do.  At Greenfield, we love associations and the people who make them work! That’s why we created this very special offer for association and non-proft sector to attend our labour of love:The Engaging Associations Forum (love,[…]

Are You Planning Your Annual Conferences Like It’s Groundhog Day?

February 2 is the day we North Americans seem to be fascinated with whether or not a certain sleepy little rodent gets to see its shadow, signalling the onset of an early spring or six more weeks of winter… Groundhog Day!  A rather odd way to predict the weather, by any measure.  One that mirrors[…]

Building in Time = Happier #Event Participants

“If I could save time in a bottle…” went the 1973 song by Jim Croce. Wouldn’t we all like to do that these days? When was the last time you hear the answer “fine” to the “How are you?” question? Nine times out of ten when that question is asked these days, the answer is[…]

Does Your Conference Have a Manifesto?

“Because it’s always been that way“. A short phrase that could be the reason for your organization’s ultimate demise.   Do you volunteer on committees? Have you ever been on a committee tasked with formulating the program for your association’s next education event? Everyone who participates on THAT committee is eager to contribute; there are[…]