Associations Exist To Engage, educate & change the world if they want to

Why Us?

Because we are committed to
helping associations

We help professional and trade associations by:

  • asking the right questions to uncover what members, prospects and sponsors really want
  • growing revenue streams and relationships with sponsors & exhibitors
  • capturing the attention of communities through creative marketing
  • designing more vibrant and engaging events
  • creating solutions that don't gobble up tons of staff time and money while getting the job done beautifully

Bottom line: our clients hire us because we get them. For full-time association management, special projects or consulting work, membership-based organizations are our focus. Is it time to have a chat?



Just a few of our happy clients:


Here are the services we offer to help them:
Association Management

For organizations who want a full-service team without paying a ton of overhead.

Consulting & Projects

Sometimes you need expert help in a particular area like Member Engagement, Focus Group Research, Sponsorship, Event Marketing or Engaging Meeting Design.

Calendar of Events

Check out our listing of webinars, workshops, conferences and tradeshow appearances – hope to see you there!


We're a hard-working bunch but we also know how to have fun...
Doreen Ashton Wagner
Organizational Catalyst
A catalyst makes things happen. As our lead consultant, Doreen does just that. She is passionate about facilitating problem-solving and idea generation. Fond of focus groups and 1-on-1 interviews, she uncovers ways for associations to better engage stakeholders. Marketing flows through her veins, so she loves to work with associations to create effective sponsorship programs and engaging events!
Meagan Rockett
Association Ambassador
From the front lines to the strategic level, Meagan has made it her mission to help associations better engage their communities. As the mastermind behind Greenfield’s Pulse Report (our study of Canadian associations’ membership marketing & engagement practices) and co-producer of the Engaging Associations Forum, she is dedicated to increasing the viability of associations!
Heinz Wagner
Accounting Rockstar
Our accountant at BDO calls Heinz her favourite client. That’s because he is fastidious with the maintenance of financial records. He’s been instrumental in cleaning up more than a few messes and even helped expose a major fraud case once. He’s the kind of guy you want on your team! And did we tell you he was a chef in a previous life?
Jeff Chabot
Digital Marketing Dynamo
A shortage of energy can never be said about Jeff. He is very passionate about bringing his own brand of high energy marketing to the table. Whether it be through clever word play and creative writing, an electric marketing plan or sharp looking design. He represents the digital face of Greenfield Services Inc and is always looking for new ways to blend content and personality.

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